Welcome to Sanriku Geopark!

In September 2013, the Sanriku Geopark was certified as one of the Japan Geoparks. The Sanriku Geopark covers the area from Hachinohe-shi of Aomori Prefecture, through the coast of Iwate Prefecture and down to Kesennuma-shi of Miyagi Prefecture. It stretches 220km from north to south and 80km from east to west. It is the largest Geopark in Japan.

In the Sanriku region, there are many natural landscapes formed by Earth's geological movements. However, these sites have not always been the shapes they are or have possessed the features they have today.
They were made little by little, years after years from ancient times and within each of them, holds the history of Earth up to this day.
By tracing these clues through scientific perspectives, you can discover when, where and how these lands formed.
The Sanriku region is full of Geosites, a place where you can see Earth's history right in front of your eyes.
By adding with what we call 'geo-tourism', which is to sightsee from a geological, geographical scientific point of view, we think this will spice up things from traditional touring.

What is Geopark?

Geopark is word that combined "park" (park: Park) with "earth, Daichi" (geo-: Geo) and means "park of the earth" and learns the earth (geo-) and says place that we can enjoy entirely.

In the animals and plants and ecosystem (Eco) to spread on the earth (geo-), we person (Homo sapiens) lives and builds culture or industry and brings up history. In Geopark, we can know connection of three elements of these "geo-" "Eco" "Homo sapiens" happily.

For example, scenery that we thought nothing at all of so far changes and is seen when we see mountain and river well and notice to set up with the history. In addition, it is revealed that living of us person cannot exist without the earth activity if we know that we spend extraordinary time called hundreds of millions of years for tens of millions of years, and the scenery has been made.

At first, we appoint place becoming the highlight of the Geopark in "Geosite", and, in Geopark, many people know local charm for the future and protect to use.

After that, we make use of these Geosite in sightseeing activities such as education or geo-tour and perform activity to have activity to cost area well and people who live there know local splendor

Art to enjoy Geopark?

Geopark is for living and history, food of people with relation as well as the topography and geological feature that the earth activity produced deeply with them, too. Delicious dishes of hometown to taste with the touch, tongue of soil and stone to know using atmosphere, hand of the land where we sing, and it is revealed by flavor of sound and chicken springing out of hot spring to listen to using beautiful scenery, ear to know judging from eye. You utilize own Gokan to the full, and please feel splendor of Geopark with whole body. In scenery to spread in front and dishes to eat, it is covered story that the earth (geo-) and relation with people are felt a lot.
In addition, please ask for guided tour. Surely we should be able to enjoy working and nature of Daichi who did not notice more deeply so far.

Not having to be Geopark?

In the Geopark, scenery and natural environments are protected by laws such as the natural park method or Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties, and there is structure which we can enjoy even if anyone breaks the local splendor in the future. Please be careful with destruction of natural environments such as collection such as the animals and plants or rock connected for remarkable environmental modification severely so that future children use the present beautiful natural environments in the same way as current us. In addition, act to sell rock and mineral, fossils of other areas product as souvenirs is not accepted.