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In September 2013, the Sanriku Geopark was certified as one of the Japan Geoparks. The Sanriku Geopark covers the area from Hachinohe-shi of Aomori Prefecture, through the coast of Iwate Prefecture and down to Kesennuma-shi of Miyagi Prefecture. It stretches 220km from north to south and 80km from east to west. It is the largest Geopark in Japan.

In the Sanriku region, there are many natural landscapes formed by Earth's geological movements. However, these sites have not always been the shapes they are or have possessed the features they have today.
They were made little by little, years after years from ancient times and within each of them, holds the history of Earth up to this day.
By tracing these clues through scientific perspectives, you can discover when, where and how these lands formed.
The Sanriku region is full of Geosites, a place where you can see Earth's history right in front of your eyes.
By adding with what we call 'geo-tourism', which is to sightsee from a geological, geographical scientific point of view, we think this will spice up things from traditional touring.

What is Geopark?

Please refer to "What is a Geopark?" on the Japanese Geoparks Network homepage.

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History of Sanriku Geopark

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