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About link to our site, it is said that it is free in principle.
When it is linked, I would like notification to info@sanriku-geo .com in your site name to link to, URL, corporation name running the site or personal name, e-mail address. In addition, I decline link of the following sites.

  1. It is against public order and morals
  2. We are tied to criminal act
  3. We violate copyright, property, privacy of third party
  4. We slander third party and slander
  5. In addition, we judge that thing against law is inappropriate
About personal information

About personal information that had you fill out by e-mail magazine registration in our site, we manage based on Iwate ordinance of privacy protection.

  1. When this meeting collects personal information through our site, we should be registration, offer by intention of user. In collection of personal information, we state collection purpose clearly beforehand and perform within the purpose.
  2. We use registration, personal information that we had you provide within the collection purpose that we stated clearly beforehand. We use other than the collection purpose that exhibited personal information without agreement of user and may not provide.

If there are opinions about publication contents of our site, please contact info@sanriku-geo .com.

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