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List of guided tours

Tanesashi Coast guide

Specific difference Tourism Association
  • We stop at course
  • Guidance time +1,000 yen/group (e.g.,: in the case of two hours 3,000 yen)

Kosode Coast, Kuji-shi Geo-guide

The Hokusan land authorized geo-guide club
  • 1-3 hours (it fluctuates by course)
  • 3,000 yen/h interval

Tanohata Geopark guide

NPO corporation experience village, tanohata network
  • One hour
  • 3,000 yen/one (1h) 10,000 yen/group (1h) (to 20 participants per 1 guide)

Sappa Adventures

NPO corporation experience village, tanohata network
  • About one hour
  • 3,500 yen/one (more than two people)  7,000 yen (in the case of one reservations boarding)

Touring Omoto's Disaster Areas / A Guide to the Excavation Site of Moshiryu

Association of Iwaizumi Tour Guide
  • Consultation required
  • 500 yen/ (1h) (dantaiwarihikiyu)
tarou tourist hotel trace

Touring through Sanno-iwa ~ Taro Kanko Hotel ~ Seawall of Taro

Disaster prevention (association of Miyako sightseeing cultural exchange) to learn
  • From 60 minutes to 120 minutes
  • 4,000 yen/group/60 minutes, 10,000 yen/group/120 minutes

Jodogahama Beach guide

NPO corporation Jodogahama Beach nature guide
  • About 60 minutes (consultation required) ※It requires reservation by one week
  • 1 group (to ten people): 3,000 yen ※More than ten cases consultation required

Lesson, disaster prevention learning from Hashino iron ore mountain, earthquake disaster

Kamaishi tour guide society
  • Consultation required
  • 3,000 yen/group (3h)

Goishi Coast touring / Visiting the disaster stricken areas with storytellers

Tsubaki no Sato・Ofunato Guiding Club
  • 90 minutes ...
  • It is 3,000 yen until 90 minutes. After that we add 1.000 yen about extension for one hour.

Goishi Coast Anatoshi-sen (boat)

Goishi Kanko Yuransen Association
  • About 40 minutes
  • 1,000 yen/one at half price as for 2,000 yen/one (it navigates in two or more) primary schoolchild or younger ※We cope to reservation required, 30 people

Tamayama Mine ruins ・guided tours of the disaster stricken areas

Rikuzentakata Tour Guide
  • From 90 minutes to 180 minutes
  • It is 3,000 yen until 90 minutes By 500 yen is added whenever over 30 minutes

Karakuwa Peninsula Geo-guide

Association (Karakuwacho tourist association) of Kurakuwa ecotourism guide
  • From 120 minutes to 180 minutes (by program osodan)
  • 3,000 yen ... (we talk about the pivot by program, the number of people)
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