Sanriku Geopark which was authorized in Japanese Geopark in September, 2013!

 Us supporting activity,
As for the people helping sending charm of Sanriku area to the world,
It is geteikutameno in the height together in Sanriku
It recruits supporters!

[main activity contents]
Overall support to heap up Sanriku becomes activity contents.

・Cleaning volunteer of tourist attraction
・Communication with tourist (visitor)
・Guidance and highlight introduction to tourist attraction
・The volunteer staff at the time of event holding

Though it is tough, it is interested in Geopark to participate!
Though it is tough, it wants to know activity contents and Sanriku to come to Sanriku!

One called this is welcome, too!
As fee is free, please register casually!

[as membership benefit…]

・Free distribution of public information magazine
・Reporting of Geopark connection event
・Report of activities
・Invitation etc to monitor tour…

Sanriku Geopark Promoting Council
E-mail: info@sanriku-geo .com
F A X :0193-64-1234

sanriku geo-supporter
Application form

For more details, please see offer flyer
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Recruitment of sanriku geo-supporter members flyer