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85.Tsunami monument (Meiji: the House of Masatoshi) of Yoshihama

We write down tsunami damage of Meiji

In Ofunato-shi, there are many monuments of tsunami disaster of Meiji and Showa and can see damage record at the time from the death toll and setting time written down.
Tsunami monument of Meiji at the House of Masatoshi of Yoshihama district holds a service for Ryouri, Okirai, Yoshihama called four depths Beach, victim of Kamaishi-shi Toni and writes down tsunami damage.
In Yoshihama district, dispersion movement of communities was carried out by instruction of village mayor at the time after Meiji Sanriku tsunami. After Sanriku tsunami of the Showa era, we let communities movement to hill succeed, and there was little human damage in the tsunami caused by the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake. We are introduced as tsunami damage control, success example of disaster prevention education.

Tsunami monument of Yoshihama

Tsunami monument at the House of Yoshihama district Masatoshi