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8.Korekawa Ruins (korekawaiseki)

Learn advanced Jomon culture of the Tohoku Region

We establish lacquerware and national treasure clay doll permanently in Jomon 3,000 years ago and display

Wooden bow, lacquerware are excavated other than straw-rope patterned pottery and clay doll of superior molding artistically from remains for the Korekawa Stone Age, and, of these, 963 points are appointed to important cultural property of country. Put hands together in the front as if we pray at all with thing which is in the latter half of last part of Jomon period when national treasure clay doll was excavated from remains of a dugout of the remains of 1, Kazahari (about three, 500 years ago) and is called joining hands clay doll from figure to put up both elbows, and to sit down on.
At the Hachinohe City Archaeological Center Korekawa Jomon Gallery, it is possible to learn Jomon culture flourished back then.

Korekawa Ruins

Korekawa Ruins

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