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79.Authority of Goishi Coast (beg worth cancer), hole beach (we let you suppose and be with hole)

Goishi Coast

Strangely shaped rocks which represent Goishi Coast

Authority of hole beach consists of daisentosogunhiteijiso which was suddenly slanted in the west. It is strangely shaped rocks representing Goishi Coast which there are three holes in. As boundary surface and crack that stratum and stratum are piled up have weaker strength than other parts, we receive erosion by wave and collapse and are sharpened, and it is thought that three cave openings were formed.
It is known even that a lot of fossils produce. From rock which sand of daisentosogunhiteijiso of long beach in northern peninsula deposits, and was made, Bivalvia, roll-shell, Cephalopoda, coral, plant fossil are found mainly.
Authority of Goishi Coast, hole beach

Authority of Goishi Coast, hole beach