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75.The Nebama shore (nebamakaigan)

Beautiful scenery of beach with white sands and a green pine grove

It was sandy beach of beautiful scenery of beach with white sands and a green pine grove facing Otsuchi Bay, but, in the Nebama shore, sandy beach has disappeared by tsunami and subsidence at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake located at the river mouth of Unosumai river. We can make earthquake, volume of energy of tsunami into in one of eyes when we compare with photograph before earthquake disaster.
Iron sand deposits in this beach and can gather when we use magnet. Thing which drifted from the Unosumai upper part of a river style is included in this iron sand, and it is said that iron ore used in Hashino blast furnace is more likely to be included in thing that it was into sand form.
On the side of way toward the shore, rock is greatly exposed, and these rocks are base of northern northing obi and adduct that it is.
Reproduction construction of sandy beach is gradually pushed forward now.

The Nebama shore (after the earthquake disaster)

The Nebama shore (June, 2020) which sandy beach reproduction construction goes ahead through