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73.Kamaishi Mine

The iron town that supported modern development in Japan

Spring water from the mine is also available in shops

Around the Rikuchu-Ohashi Station of the JR Kamaishi Line, there are many well preserved sites, like they were still in operation till only yesterday. Visitors can see remains such as hopper, a storage tank machinery to transport mined materials from train stations, and mineral processing plants clinging on to mountain sides. From Kamaishi, iron and copper were extracted. Its enormous mining site was an astonishing 10 km radius located behind the processing plant in the mountains, between Kamaishi-shi and Tono-shi. Large scale mining projects ended around 20 years ago, however, small quantities are being extracted for research purposes. Mineral water business using springs in the mine is also active as well as new projects utilizing underground cavities. Documents about the mine are all available to the public at the former mining office. Lastly, the mining tour conducted for educational purposes, will guide visitor inside the mine, and while looking up close, the guides will explain their experiences when they were the miners at this very place.

Old Kamaishi Mine office

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