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71.Source Mizukawa (spring) and three-spined stickleback habitat

Spring which there was with living of people

Own gushing well (jifunsei) of 170 is confirmed in area called Machikata of Otsuchi-cho. Around 90 were known before the Great East Japan Earthquake. Rain which it rains in Otsuchi-cho spreads in Otsuchi river and small mallet river. Underflow water of rainwater and river soaks deep in the ground and by withdrawing to the lower valley in steep grade, hold pressure on the sea side down and spring out in alluvial fan of the neighborhood of river mouth. It was said to there being all these well which blew out in very small area that there was no such precedent elsewhere in the country and has been utilized for life water and area industry for a long time.
In addition, not only we met with living of people, but also spring contributes to habitation of "fresh water type three-spined stickleback" which is endangered species and inhabits only in Otsuchi-cho alone in the prefecture.

Source Mizukawa (spring) and three-spined stickleback habitat