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70: Tsunami monument (Meiji: precinct of a Shinto shrine)

Monument of Meiji to be able to call literature monument

Tsunami monument of Meiji to be able to call literature monument is built in center of Otsuchi-cho, place called precinct of a Shinto shrine (killer whale). Only town was written down saying was miserable, and "it is not possible even to compare, and to express" so that crowded tsunami wanted to look away, and the mayor at the time of erection composed; phrase called "echo (echo) and vomiting of blood chicken (grayheaded cuckoo) of a great variety of kinds (chiji) is attached to a roar". People are told that they likened state that voice and crying requesting help echo in many places to figure of grayheaded cuckoo which opens bright red mouth to vomit blood, and calls.
Of thing which flowed out by tsunami of 2011 (Heisei 23), but was damaged partly was discovered, and was rebuilt in current place that dozens of meters left from original place.

It is monument of Showa (the left side) next to monument of Meiji