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68.Namiita Coast (worth cancer that there was Nami)

Namiita Coast

A scenic spot known for as a non-reflecting beach

The fantastic surface of the water that full moon lights up

Namiita Coast which can expect the Pacific widely located at Funakoshi Bay which relatively opened out in the ria shore. It is sandy beach which "pushes to one side, and was known for wave" not to return when wave approaches. There did not seem to be wave to return as power of wave being easy to be buffered in Toasa, wave that approached were breathed between coarse sand, but most of sandy beach have been lost by subsidence after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Reproduction construction of sandy beach is pushed forward, and it is local wish now that we push to one side in the future, and wave wants you to revive.
In addition, about Namiita noh dance to be handed down to whale mountain god company of Namiita district, most of clothes and the tools were washed away by tsunami at the time of earthquake disaster, but they reopen for washing flooded tool and protect folk art.

Namiita Coast (June, 2020) which sandy beach reproduction construction advances to