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60.Sanno-iwa Rock (sannouiwa)

Rocks towering in the sea

Earth's sculpture carved by the waves and winds

The giant rock that stands like a massive pillar is called Otoko Iwa (Man Rock) which is in the center of the Sanno-iwa Rocks (Three Kings Rock). Onna Iwa (Woman Rock) and a Taiko Iwa (Drum Rock) are on its sides. Visitors may be impressed by the view they see when they walk down the promenade and look up at the Sanno-iwa Rocks that did not budge even by the tsunami.
Visitors can see that since Otoko Iwa and Onna Iwa have parallel strata layers with the cliffs around them, the two rocks were once connected to the land and that they were eroded and carved by waves and winds. One the other hand, Taiko Iwa is considered to have rolled off from somewhere due to its different angles in its strata. This site is where visitors will be able to feel nature's dynamic powers up close.

Sanno-iwa Rocks

Sanno-iwa Rocks

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