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6.Specific difference nature lawn place (tanesashitennenshibafuchi)

A coast full of dynamic scenery changes

The land adore by many literary novelists

The Tanesashi Coast is full of many different scenes from extraordinary rocks/cliffs eroded by waves, gentle hilly marine terraces colored with natural turf, to pine woods and sandy beaches. Within the entire area, it is possible to view over 650 different species of seaside and alpine plants.
Promenade of about 5.2km from ashimosakitembodai which was chosen for 100 selections of strolls to specific difference nature lawn place is got close to as place of trekking and extracurricular class.
Many literary and artistic authors such as Ryotaro Shiba and Hatsusaburo Yoshida were inspired by the scenic landscapes and produced numerous works relating to these landscapes.

Specific difference nature lawn place

Specific difference nature lawn place

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