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49.Shiofukiana (Blow hole)

"Whim hole"

Spouting loss is 2.5m in length, spindle form of up to 65cm in width. As for the rugged rock which is exposed to the surface of the earth, cave (sea cave) made of erosion of wave continues with the stone layer of Miyako Group which deposited about 110 million years ago (the Cretaceous in the first half of the Mesozoic) (rekiso) from the sea under the hole. When big wave rushes, seawater which we got into in this cave breaks out from small hole for exit.
When wave is rough, it reaches 30m in height, and opportunity becomes considerable force, but is also called "whim hole" or "braggart hole" as the tide does not begin to blow when flow and climate condition of the tide are not prepared.

Shiofukiana (Blow hole)

Shiofukiana (Blow hole)