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4.meisa (sand borer)


"kyukkyu" and sand which sounds

We hear sound called "kyukkyu" when we step cautiously on white sandy beach called "Shirahama". As sand totally calls, it is called "meisa" (sand borer). It is said that sound is over this by vibration when quartz grain rubs.
Mineral shining in sand of Shirahama is quartz. Mineral such as fragment of earthenware is feldspar with white. As for the sand of Shirahama Beach, most look white for these two kinds of mineral meetings generally.



As there was not sound in meisa when the surface of grain of sand became dirty, cleaning continued working because local people kept beautiful sandy beach, and Shirahama beach was chosen as "excellent bath ground 100 selections" of Ministry of the Environment designation in 2006 (Heisei 18).