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37.Cormorant no nest cliff (unosudangai)

Nest cliff of cormorant

Scenery to watch from promenade gone down to the beach is the best part

Cormorant no nest cliff is scenic spot representing Sanriku along with Kitayamazaki. It is said that we come from that there is den of Japanese cormorant in halfway up a mountain of cliff and were named. As it were, state that cliff nearly 200m in height penetrated to into a bow form ranges to five lines is like huge screen.
From early summer through the midsummer, sea fog may occur with the wet northeast style by coolness to blow than the Sea of Okhotsk air mass which yamaseto is invited to. Many photographers come for shooting at moment that bad crop omotarashitayamasega cliff takes many times in the Tohoku district.
History of the formation of cormorant no nest cliff is older than Kitayamazaki, and various sediment on marine plate is pushed to continental plate about 140 million years ago, and there is from rock (adduct) which we transformed by strong pressure extremely complicatedly. Afterwards, it rose, and kainaridanoka was formed.

Nest cliff of cormorant

Nest cliff of cormorant

Sappa Adventures

It’s a spectacular view to look up and see a 200m steep cliff right from the bottom. Visitors will be cruising on a small fishing boat needling through holes of oddly shaped rocks at Kitayama Cape....