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36.Kitayamazaki (Yamazaki who came)

Kitayama Cape

8km long 200m steep cliff, one of the greatest and majestic sites in Sanriku

Kitayamazaki is scenic spot that national tourist attractions evaluation of Japan Travel Bureau is "part of the shore", and represents domestic Japan rated alone by * Class A of the best rank.
Large cliff of altitude difference nearly a maximum of 200m spreads out for north and south 8km, and there are strangely shaped rocks and sea cave which it is eroded near the sea surface by wave, and there was.
It is ejection (volcano clastic rocks which lava and volcanic ashes, lapilli deposited) accompanied with large-scale volcanic activity of about 130 million years ago (the Cretaceous in the first half of the Mesozoic) mainly that forms Kitayamazaki. After model of Kitayamazaki receiving erosion of wave in the bottom of the sea, and having levelled out, we came by upheaval from the sea surface and we spent long time and reached current altitude.
Near the observation deck which can look at Kitayamazaki, "Kitayamazaki visitor center" to introduce the four seasons and the animals and plants of Kitayamazaki, the topography, geological feature to is maintained.
There is tour with Japanese scaled sardine ship (small surf-fishing boat) which local fisherman shows and it is can see technique of fisherman that steerage does small ship skillfully with it is course to sew between sea cave and reefs, and to navigate.

Kitayama Cape

Kitayama Cape

Sappa Adventures

It’s a spectacular view to look up and see a 200m steep cliff right from the bottom. Visitors will be cruising on a small fishing boat needling through holes of oddly shaped rocks at Kitayama Cape....