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33.Haipe and Koikorobe

haipe koirobe

Stratum every generation is seen

Stratum where fossil of dinosaur sleeps

 Stratum (Miyako Group) which collected in the shallow sea of about 110 million years ago (the Cretaceous in the first half of the Mesozoic) when dinosaur prospered in the land is distributed over small inlet called haipe koikorobe of Tanohata-mura. We had abundant type and populations of fossil to produce, and was appointed to natural monument of the prefecture geologically in March, 1966 (Showa 41) because it was valuable place.
In the fossil production center of haipe koikorobe, it is forbidden gathering fossil for prefecture-designated natural monument.
In the north side of haipe Coast, stratum of Miyako Group is slanted loosely to the east. It is sediment of the bottoms of the sea such as chart or sandstone, mudstone which are rugged, and change into suddenly sloping stratum on the way, and have been carried on marine plate in (about 200 million years ago - about 150 million years ago: for the Mesozoic for Jura period) in the times when this is older than Miyako Group turning eyes to landside.
There is border (inconsistent slant) where strata with different degrees of leaning are piled up in border of both. We show from the times when stratum is transformed complicatedly to the times of the relatively calm sea seen in fossil of Miyako Group that we changed. Places where false setting is seen in well scatter in the outskirts.
Huge rock which there is rolls in any m where it is thought that it rolled from neighboring slopes in haipe Coast rumblingly. It is confirmed that some of them moved to mountain side by tsunami of March 11, 2011 (Heisei 23) and is called "tsunami stone". We sense powerful power of tsunami bodily and will become important material conveying that in history.

High pe Coast tsunami stone

Tsunami stone


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