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3.Itako-maimai Rock

Itako-maimai Rock

Rock which "itako" flies

itakomaimai rock which rises to stand up from the sea is made from magma which spouted out by volcanic activity of the bottom of the sea. When magma got cold and froze, volume decreased, and there was regular crack (logic). Principle is the same as phenomenon to crack when this pours water into glass of glass which it heated. It is weak point of hard rock (here andesite), and this logic is gradually reduced by erosion of wave, and it is thought that there was reef of lone form in this way.

Itako-maimai Rock

Itako-maimai Rock

Concerning itakomaimai rock have to talk. We climb on this huge rock with the sunrise in the morning and wait for dance, and "itako" which lived in this neighborhood in old days is informed as we told fishing on the day.