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22.Ryusendo Cave / Akkado Cave

Aesthetics under ground

Traces of human activity of the Jomon period

 Much of the limestone caves widely known in Japan are in the Sanriku region. The Ryusendo Cave is one of Japan's three largest limestone caves. It has walkways and lights so visitors can see up close its massive subterranean lake and the beautiful limestone structures. The other side of the Ryusendo Cave there is the Ryusen-shindo Cave which was discovered in 1967. In this cave many vessels and stone tools were found which are considered to be made in the first half of the Jomon period. Visitors can also see how people lived in limestone caves at the science museum which is installed right inside the cave. The Akkado Cave is the longest cave in Japan with 23.7km in total and is appointed as a natural monument of Japan along with Ryusendo Cave.

Ryusen-shindo Science Museum

Ryusen-shindo Science Museum

Akkado Cave entrance

Akkado Cave entrance

Sinkhole in a limestone site at Egawa District

Sinkhole in a limestone site at Egawa District

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