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20.Kosode Coast (huge cancer)

A place where the complex reef structures nurtured north-end ama divers.

Demonstrations of hand fishing - a popular feature

Kosode Coast is known as the northern limit for ama divers to hand fish for sea urchins and abalone. From July to September, a demonstration of hand fishing is held by ama divers wearing traditional outfits. We also have the North Ama Divers Festival every first Sundays in August. Such ama culture was developed by the complex structures of the Kosode Coast reef. These reefs were made from solid magma in the Cretaceous period. They were then eroded by waves from the Pacific and now have distinctive shapes known as Meoto Iwa, Tsurigane-do Cave and Kabuto Iwa. Currently, Kosode is highly recognized in Japan as it was the setting in one of NHK's morning drama series.

Meoto Iwa

Meoto Iwa

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