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18.Ono Marine Terrace (onokaiseidankyu)

A gentle 10km long hilly area extending from east to west.

Stock raising and farming methods developed that took advantage of the landscape.

Steep coastal cliffs and precipices are breathtaking views in the northern region of Sanriku, but within the mainland, especially around the area of Hirono, terrace plains that form rolling hills around 180-300m above sea level stretch over 10 km from east to west. Using this topography, stockbreeding and dry field farming developed. Today, there are many specialty product such as the "Yume Milk" (Dream Milk) a product that keeps the original raw milk flavor, the "Yume Yogurt" (Dream Yogurt) a product made from Yume Milk, Akadori ramen, a product using "Michinoku Akadori-chicken," a free range poultry brand produced in Hirono, and mountain grape wine which uses grapes that have survived the bitter coldness.

Ono Kaisei Dankyu

Ono Kaisei Dankyu

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