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16.Taneichi beach park (taneichikaihinkouen) (Taneichi Layer)

A recreation spot in Hirono-cho and known as the top rated area in the prefecture to harvest sea urchins.

Along the coast there are also touring spots and unique fishing facilities

The Taneichi Seaside Park is a leisure spot where visitors can enjoy swimming and make use of the seaside house (where lockers and showers are available) as well as the camping site. The Taneichi Seaside Park Fireworks Show is held every summer and the night sky is flowered with each boom. Also, Mado-Iwa, Hirono's tourist spot, is very close where visitors can observe oyster fossils located around the rocky areas. Other fossils such as ammonite and mosasaurus fossils were also discovered from the same area.

Nambu Diving

In Hirono-cho, "the southern part sinks" and is the no birthplace.
It is said to be opening that diver of Awa country (current South Chiba) visited for the dismantling salvage of cargo boat construction which ran aground off Taneichi in 1898 (Meiji 31) initiated inhabitants into helmet-type diving technology. This Nambu Diving method, where divers would put on the helmet, enables long diving exploration through a hose, also acting as a life line, which sends air to the helmet from a deck. This technology was used in port harbor work, underwater research and in natural ascidians fishing that accounts for 90% of all prefectural fish hauls. At Iwate Prefectural Taneichi Senior High School's marine resources development department, one can learn about civil engineering/diving and underwater technology.

Oyster fossils

Oyster fossils

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