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15.Hashikami Marine Terrace (hashikamikaiseidankyu)

An area that nurtured marine life and resource

Hashikami Soba is also popular. It is made from buckwheat produced on Hashikami's rich soil.

The marine terraces spreading across the north coastal region of Sanriku are taller than the ones found in the south. The cliffs found surrounding Kitayama Cape and Unosu cliffs are near 200 meters tall. On the other hand, in the Hashikami area, cliffs are 10-30 meters tall. The reefs as well as natural turf found along the coast give the whole area different expressions. These features made it an extremely habitable place for rich sea life such as sea urchins, abalones and flounders.
In late July, the Boiled Strawberry Festival is held, where the main cuisine is Ichigo-ni (boiled strawberries), a local traditional dish using sea urchins and abalones. Later in October, visitors can have a taste of soba dishes newly made from the buckwheat breed called Hashikami-Wase harvested in Hashikami and there is also a Shin-Soba Festival.

Cattle raised on rich lands

Cattle raised on rich lands

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