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12.Mount Hashikami (you chew chopsticks, and hold)

See 20,000 mountain azaleas blazing in red

In addition to mountain trails, roadways extending to the 8th station are now available.

At an altitude of 740 meters Mount Hashikami's faded outline looks similar to the figure of a cow lying down so it was nicknamed Mount Gagyu. Multiple mountain trails have been developed that reach to top of the mountain and in early June approximately 20,000 mountain azaleas which grow in colonies near the 8th station are blazing in red, attracting many tourists.
Also, from Hashikami's peak, visitors can view the Hakkoda and Kitakami Mountains and within this vicinity there is a spring called Ryujinsui. The spring is famous for its unusual location, it is situated near the top of the mountain where water sources are scarce.

Mount Hashikami

Mount Hashikami

Mount Hashikami

Gentle ridgeline such as beef which lay

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