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Akira Takahashi
Akira Takahashi (Akira Takahashi)
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Matsubara of Ono Marine Terrace Taneichi beach park Hashikami Marine Terrace Mount Hashikami Korekawa Ruins Kabushima Island specific difference nature lawn place Yodo 

We guide geo-story to circulate through space, time of Sanriku in length and breadth.
From viewpoint of plant researcher, we talk about geo-oo as evolution and the stage keeping alive itself. Talk of a race, geo-no commentary to rotate by bicycle, correspondence in English are possible history, culture of the earth.

  • Belonging guide group: The north Ou natural history research institute
  • Qualifications: Normal lifesaving class I, JCTA authorized cycling guide, project Wilde educator
Guide application point
  • The time required: Two hours ... (we accept request.)
  • Rate: 30,000 yen (around eight 1 group)
  • Contact information: Telephone: 0194-043-8387
  • Web site:

Associated Geosite

1.Kabushima Island

A breeding ground of black-tailed gulls and designated as a natural monument.

8.Korekawa Ruins (korekawaiseki)

Learn advanced Jomon culture of the Tohoku Region

16.Taneichi beach park (taneichikaihinkouen) (Taneichi Layer)

A recreation spot in Hirono-cho and known as the top rated area in the prefecture to harvest sea urchins.

18.Ono Marine Terrace (onokaiseidankyu)

A gentle 10km long hilly area extending from east to west.