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Hitoshi Sekishita (せきした ひとし)
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Ono Marine Terrace Taneichi beach park Hashikami Marine Terrace Mount Hashikami Korekawa Ruins Tanesashi Coast Kabushima Island 

Vayu is devil of cold. We send words of geo-(the earth) and flowers to all of you like wind.
We perform the story talk in the old days at southern valve. Expertise talks in the animals and plants and the old days.
We guide from geo-(history of the earth) to culture.

  • Belonging guide group: Nature guide Vayu (vayu)
  • Qualifications: Normal lifesaving class I, association of ecotourism "ecotourism guide training class" in Japan
Guide application point
  • The time required: From one hour to eight hours
  • Rate: 8,000-18,000 yen (1 group)
  • Contact information: Telephone: 0178-30-1775 FAX: 0178-30-1775
  • Web site: http://guide-vayu.blogspot.com/

Associated Geosite

1.Kabushima Island

A breeding ground of black-tailed gulls and designated as a natural monument.

8.Korekawa Ruins (korekawaiseki)

Learn advanced Jomon culture of the Tohoku Region

16.Taneichi beach park (taneichikaihinkouen) (Taneichi Layer)

A recreation spot in Hirono-cho and known as the top rated area in the prefecture to harvest sea urchins.

18.Ono Marine Terrace (onokaiseidankyu)

A gentle 10km long hilly area extending from east to west.