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We hold the fourth authorization course. (2017 "Sanriku Geopark authorized guide" authorization course)

The fourth is geo-outline ⑤ and geo-circulation③


We hold the fourth authorization course as follows.

Guide, guide and person who is interested in Geopark who are active in Sanriku, please participate.

The application deadline until three days before the date

(the fourth deadline is Thursday (holiday) on November 23).


The fourth course

Southern meeting place (Kesennuma-shi) Sunday, November 26 from 13:30 to 16:00

Meeting place former Hakusan Elementary School (245, Kamihigashigawane, Kesennuma-shi), around deer fold Kanayama

The first lesson: From 13:30 to 14:30 "is managed (geological feature) and Miyagi, history of gold digging of Iwate of geo-outline ⑤: iron" (lecture)

The second lesson: From 14:40 to 16:00 "geo-circulation ③: deer fold search around Kanayama" (local visit)

※We cancel in executing the event on a light rainy day, the wild sky. After lecture, we move by car which prepared at the secretariat by each person to movement, visit place to deer fold Kanayama museum.

※※Clothes, footwear comfortable to walk in. It is jacket for cold protection as needed.


※ The details of the fourth course are this in this, held schedule of this year.

Application is this for more information about this, authorized course.

  • The date and time: November 26
  • Place: The fourth: Former Hakusan Elementary School (245, Kamihigashigawane, Kesennuma-shi)
  • Inquiries Sanriku Geopark Promoting Council secretariat charge: KEPCO talk: 0193-64-1230

Associated Geosite

40.Kesen Gold Mine

Ruins of the gold mine, the mine at its peak before the war

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