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Event Information

"Sanriku Geopark stamp rally" now being held!

Sanriku Geopark stamp rally

We go around stamp point, and let's experience charm of Sanriku!

In Sanriku Geopark Promoting Council, we hold stamp rally in southern area (Otsuchi-cho, Kamaishi-shi, Sumita-cho, Ofunato-shi, Rikuzentakata-shi, area of Kesennuma-shi). Please come and join.


From Saturday, July 22, 2017 to Sunday, October 1

※The application deadline: Postmark is effective on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Stamp point

It is 16 places in total!

(Otsuchi-cho)Mother house daasuko coast store, ② Otsuchi-cho center public hall

Kamaishi-shi:Hashino iron ore mountain information center、④Roadside station Kamaishi hermit Pass、⑤History museum of iron

※Admission charges are necessary in history museum of iron.

Sumita-cho:Town and Setamai Station, Rocando Cave

Ofunato-shi:Roadside station sanriku、⑨Sun rear shopping center、⑩Ofunato City museum

※Admission charges are necessary at Ofunato City museum.

Rikuzentakata-shi:Ippommatsu teahouse、⑫River station yokota、⑬Kesen carpenter plasterer Denshokan Museum

Kesennuma-shi:The roadside station Otani shore、⑮Karakuwa Peninsula visitor center、⑯kisennumadaishimaura no beach ferry platform

※Ferry charges are necessary to leave for kisennumadaishimaura no beach ferry platform.

※ Stamp rally mount is put in 16 facilities mentioned above, too.

※※ There is geo-quiz in stamp point ⑤,⑩,⑯! When all the problems answer correctly; W chance!

Participation method

1.Please stamp application postcard with stamp at stamp point mentioned above.

2.You choose prize you like among the number of the stamps, and please apply.

3.Let's challenge geo-quiz (only in stamp point ⑤,⑩,⑯).

※ As for the details, please see mount.

Stamp rally poster

Stamp rally mount place to arrange

Tourist facilities

Jodogahama Beach visitor center (Miyako-shi), association of sightseeing in Kamaishi product (Kamaishi-shi), association of sightseeing in Ofunato-shi product (Ofunato-shi), association of sightseeing in Rikuzentakata-shi product (Rikuzentakata-shi)

Association of sightseeing in Kesennuma convention (Kesennuma-shi)

Iwate Milky Way plaza (Tokyo)

Sightseeing in North Tohoku center [Morioka Station the second floor] (Morioka-shi), Iwate sightseeing interchange center [MARIOS the third floor] (Morioka-shi), aina synthesis guidance [aina the third floor] (Morioka-shi), sightseeing culture information plaza [the second-floor plaza] (Morioka-shi)

Hanamaki tourist association [Hanamaki Station] [Shin-Hanamaki Station] (Hanamaki-shi)

Tourist information center [the Ichinoseki station square] in front of one Seki Station (Ichinoseki-shi)

Roadside station

It is lottery (Kuji-shi), tanohata (Tanohata-mura), Miyako (Miyako-shi), ward world Heights (Miyako-shi), echo building (Miyako-shi), mountain (Yamada-machi)

Ask (Hanamaki-shi), and spare river (Ichinoseki-shi); Itsukushi Valley (Ichinoseki-shi), Hiraizumi (Hiraizumi-cho)

See Tono-style hill (Tono-shi); gecko (Tono-shi)

Forest forest building (Tome-shi), three waterfall temples (Tome-shi)

Means of transportation

Keihin Electric Express bus Shinagawa bus terminal (Tokyo)

The Iwate north bus Miyako station square information desk (Miyako-shi)

Sanriku railroad: Miyako Station (Miyako-shi), Kamaishi Station (Kamaishi-shi), Sakari Station (Ofunato-shi)

The Iwate Hanamakikuko information desk (Hanamaki-shi)

Commercial facilities

Seaside town mast (Otsuchi-cho), kyassen Ofunato (Ofunato-shi)

abasse takata (Rikuzentakata-shi), Lawson (all Iwate prefecture stores)

The accommodations

Sanriku flower hotel hamagiku (Otsuchi-cho), White Base Otsuchi (Otsuchi-cho)

Kamaishi bay city hotel (Kamaishi-shi), Hotel sun route Kamaishi (Kamaishi-shi)

Ofunato Plaza Hotel (Ofunato-shi), Ofunato hot spring (Ofunato-shi)

Capitol Hotel 1000 (Rikuzentakata-shi)

Kesennuma Plaza Hotel (Kesennuma-shi), saury phosphorus Kesennuma Hotel kanyo (Kesennuma-shi)


Otsuchi-cho government officeKamaishi-shi government officeSumita-cho government officeOfunato-shi government officeRikuzentakata-shi government officeKesennuma-shi government office

The coast wide area Promotion Bureau (Kamaishi-shi), Miyako district combination Government building (Miyako-shi), Ofunato district combination Government building (Ofunato-shi)

Citizens of Iwate prefectural government office room (Morioka-shi)


  • The date and time: October 10
  • Place: Otsuchi-cho, Kamaishi-shi, Sumita-cho, Ofunato-shi, Rikuzentakata-shi, 16 facilities of Kesennuma-shi
  • Inquiries Sanriku Geopark stamp rally secretariat telephone: 0193-64-1230