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Event Information

"Sanriku Geopark stamp rally" now being held!

"Revival support! Sanriku Geopark stamp rally"

We go around stamp point, and let's experience charm of Sanriku!

In Sanriku Geopark Promoting Council, stamp rally is held in Miyako-shi, Yamada-machi, Iwaizumi-cho, area of Tanohata-mura. Please come and join.


March 19, 2017 (Sunday/Holiday) - Wednesday, May 10

[stamp point]

<Miyako-shi: Ten places>

Forest museum of Sakiyama shell mound JomonRoadside station tarouRoadside station MiyakoRoadside station echo building

Miyako station square synthesis tourist information centerMiyako-shi fish and vegetables marketJodogahama Beach visitor center

Jodogahama Beach Resting HouseQuatre MiyakoSanriku railroad Miyako Station

<Yamada-machi: One place>

It is Mt. roadside station

<Iwaizumi-cho: Three places>

Roadside station iwaizumiRyusendo CaveAkkado Cave

<Tanohata-mura: One place>

Kitayama Cape Visitor's Center

※ Stamp rally mount is put in 15 facilities mentioned above, too.

[participation method]

1.Let's stamp application postcard with stamp at stamp point mentioned above.

Three colors of colors of stamp.

Green 3 points, blue one point get five points of red!

2.You choose prize you like among the number of the points, and please apply.

Sanriku Geopark stamp rally _ poster

[stamp rally mount place to arrange]

<Tokyo: Two places>

Iwate Milky Way plaza, Keihin Electric Express bus Shinagawa bus terminal

<Morioka-shi, Iwate: Five places>

Citizens of Iwate prefectural government office room、 Sightseeing in North Tohoku center (Morioka Station the second floor)

Iwate sightseeing interchange center (MARIOS the third floor), aina general guidance (aina the third floor)

Sightseeing culture information plaza (the second-floor plaza)

<Hanamaki-shi, Iwate: One place>

The Iwate Hanamakikuko information desk

<Tono-shi, Iwate: One place>

Roadside station toono

<Miyako-shi, Iwate: Ten places>

Miyako-shi government officeMiyako-shi Japan National Council of Social WelfareRoadside station ward world Heights
Central Hotel bear is lowerMiyako hotel Sawada-yaJodogahama Beach inn
Kyukamura Rikuchu Miyako, green Pia Myrvold Sanriku Miyako
Jodogahama Beach Park Hotel, hot water ttari building

<Yamada-machi, Iwate: Three places>

Yamada-machi government officeyamada kankobutsusankan ()
Yamada-machi machinaka interchange center

<Iwaizumi-cho, Iwate: Six places>

Iwaizumi town office, Iwaizumi-cho Japan National Council of Social Welfare
Roadside station Mita shellfish branch school, Sanriku railroad Iwaizumi Komoto Station
Ryusendo Cave hot spring hotel, Hotel Ryusendo Cave Aizan

<Tanohata-mura, Iwate: Six places>

Tanohata village office, roadside station tanohata
Sanriku railroad Tanohata Station, Sanriku railroad Shimanokoshi Station
Desk beach watch box group, hotel Raga Zhuang

<Otsuchi-cho, Iwate: One place>

Seaside town mast

<Fudai-mura, Iwate: One place>

Sanriku railroad Fudai Station

  • The date and time: May 10
  • Place: Miyako-shi, Yamada-machi, Iwaizumi-cho, 15 facilities of Tanohata-mura
  • Inquiries Revival support! Sanriku Geopark stamp rally secretariat telephone: 0193-64-1230