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Living of nature, climate and people peculiar to Sanriku Coast

Climate which Sanriku shares production and life with the sea as area that became the whole area to be said to be Sanriku Coast, the Sanriku coast, and is individual...read more »

Precious guild which the peneplain topography of Kitakami Mountains and special geological feature produce

After the flat topography called upheaval peneplain rises, as for the Kitakami Mountains, it was eroded, and is relatively gentle Yamaji. Mt. Kitakami...read more »

Sanriku Coast which is full of blessings of the sea and offshore world eminent fishing

Seafood which Sanriku Coast is fresh along with the scenery beauty, and is delicious is attractive. The Sanriku offing which is known as one of the best fishing grounds in the world,...read more »

Fight with repeated tsunami disaster

The topography Sanriku Coast of the ria shore that has been attacked without degree to go so far by tsunami. In fact, it is the rear that increases damage...read more »

The abundant mineral resources "history of Gold mine and iron manufacture that supported prosperity"

Various mineral resources of Kitakami Mountains formed by geological feature that abundant mine resources are complicated and igneous activity of each time are Japanese han for a long time...read more »

Ryusendo Cave, new sinus

Stalactite cave "present of the ancient sea" which spreads in the bottom of the earth

The Kitakami Mountains and shore part followed various evolution of the earth. Limestone is distributed around Kitakami Mountains, in each place stalactite cave...read more »

The shore beauty and nature, climate which the ria shore and coastal upheaval make

Sanriku area forms shoreline which agallochum by upheaval and the sea standard change by crustal movement is characterized by and makes beautiful scenery...read more »

Fossils revivifying ancient Japan

In Sanriku, fossil expressing characteristic of history of the geological feature formation is produced from stratum of each time. Geological feature is formed in them...read more »

Global upheaval and "extinction and prosperity"

Sanriku area was formed in upheaval of the global earth crust. That originates in Paleozoic Gondwana land,...read more »

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