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March 3, 2020

Article of Sanriku Geopark is published in TANECHAN free paper

By free pe (Autumn&Winter) of quarterly issuance of Tanesashi Coast information channel "...read more »

January 22, 2015

We held the event, Interact with Geo!

On Saturday, January 17, we held a geo-workshop for children called "Let's Play with Geo!" at the Sumita-cho Yakuba Chomin Hall ( Sumita-cho Citizen's Town Hall)....read more »

August 8, 2014

Summer vacation to Sanriku Geopark!

In summer vacation, where does everybody go to? Is it the sea? Is it mountain? Oh? We are not available (whether ゜ Д ゜ *) Then it is the sea...read more »

October 18, 2013

pashifikkubinasuni went on board

pashifikkubinasuni went on board. Luxurious passenger liner making a trip around the world on September 9, pashifikkubinasuni jo...read more »