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It is held in nature game leader training course Iwate!

Two days on Saturday, August 18, 19th Sunday

Nature game leader training course

House ten park (Takizawa-shi) of Iwateyama, Kunitachi youth exchange

It is carried out in this.

In requirements becoming Sanriku Geopark authorized guide

"We acquire qualification, class about natural guidance or take lectures,

We acquire more than 1 unit.


It is nature game leader training course.


※In addition,

There is applicable qualification, class of following seven elsewhere for your information.

・Natural observation instructor (NACS-J)

・Natural experience-based activity leader (NEAL leader)

・Ecotourism guide training class

・Project Wilde leader training course

・Project WET educator class

・Interpreter training seminar (IPTS)

・It is green tourism instructor upbringing class.



Nature game leader training course

It is holding in hometown, Iwate.


Let alone everybody to be Sanriku Geopark authorized guide

Already authorized guides,


One where we are interested in naturally

As for the person who wants to take qualification about nature

Make use of this chance

Let's become nature game leader!



The application deadline,

It is Monday, August 6, 2018.

For more details, it is ...

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