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Iwate Prefectural museum geological feature observation society held "we read stratum of the Cretaceous of Sanriku Geopark"

Iwate Prefectural museum geological feature observation society held "we read stratum of the Cretaceous of Sanriku Geopark"

We observed stratum approximately 100 million years ago from now called "the Cretaceous" to hang in Kuji-shi from Nodamura in this Iwate that became the 73rd on Sunday, July 2, 2017 Prefectural museum geological feature observation society, and to open. It became ideal day for perfect observation party blessed with weather.

State of opening of a meeting event


Because many fossils are found, we can find not only creature of the sea and the land but also fossil "amber" of sap for celebrity from this stratum.

Stratum of Tofugaura Goast

In addition, we were able to see not only creature itself but also sign (called Lebensspur fossil) of den of creature. It was place that we easily passed by, but when there were today's lecturer, commentary of Mochizuki curator, eyes were spread out in the details, and eyes of participant considerably got fat, and there was normally much discovery.

It is Lebensspur fossil to look whitish

Mochizuki curator of lecturer

We can see made stratum recently at this place. It is sediment caused by 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake tsunami. Furthermore, there was stratum to sail up until approximately 7,000 years before it was Jomon period when the details were clarified by Mr. Onodera (Morioka City high school) and others, and, in the bottom, stratum thought to be sediment of tsunami of 18 levels was confirmed in that. We show that tsunami is repeated many times in this ground.

Mr. commenting Onodera

Commentary of tsunami sediment

We moved to Kuji Amber Museum and experienced amber excavation in the afternoon. Participant dreamed of tortoise and crocodile, fossil discovery of dinosaur including amber to one hand with ice pick and dug the earth which dinosaur walked silently. Unfortunately there was not discovery of fossil, but amber varied in size from small to large, but seemed to be able to find most of participants.

Amber excavation experience place

Participant who digs silently

In fact, to cliff and rock to see in the same way everywhere, it was at valuable opportunity to notice that various stories hid. As more stories are engraved into the earth of Sanriku, please come again by all means.


Associated Geosite

12.Tofugaura Beach

A majestic site that was also mentioned in wakas (Japanese style poems) of the Heian Period

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