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We held the fifth "Sanriku Geopark authorized guide" authorization course!

We hold the fifth "Sanriku Geopark authorized guide" authorization course

We held the fifth "Sanriku Geopark authorized guide" authorization course on both days on Saturday on Friday, February 10, 2017, 12th.

We had you participate in nearly 40 various places including which was interested in guide and Geopark aiming at authorization in southern venue (Ofunato Chamber of Commerce and Industry) on northern venue (Kuji-shi government office), 12th on 10th. Of step where snow is piled up in the northern venue on 10th did while was bad, but had participate in many various places. In the southern venue on 11th, it seemed to snow the next day on 10th, but we seemed to have melted and did not have the difficulty in running on road either. We had lecturers sense large Sanriku, north and difference in south climate bodily.

This two courses.

"We talked of practitioner and were lecture about "program polishing" in ②" and required subject in elective subject.

State (northern venue) of venue

State (southern venue) of venue

In "talk ②" of practitioner practitioner who invited is Hidehiko Abe that is active as Lake Toya Usu volcano Meister in Lake Toya Mount Usu Geopark that is UNESCO world Geopark secondary to the last time. Activity contents of Lake Toya Usu volcano Meister is plain; had tell with concrete practice example to improve one, guide technology. We had you do very plain story from beginning to end, but it may be said with person from Iwate, and Abe thinks that student attending a lecture has friendly feeling more and was able to interchange.

Abe who talks about eruption of Mount Usu

By required "program polishing," we asked Toru Narigasawa of Sanriku railroad for lecturer secondary to the last time to receive authorization. After having had you comment on student attending a lecture oneself guide program that you made from student attending a lecture, lecturer gave an advice. There were a lot of programs that a lot of masterpieces seemed to be interesting. We will think that thickness increases for program of Sanriku in future.


Student attending a lecture who comments on program

Narigasawa who comments

Abe gave an advice


Holding this year was finished at this time. We thought whether there were many careless points, but, who had you undertake lecturer, everyone, who had you participate, thank you very much.

Person aiming at authorization, please try examination of March hard!

As authorized course continues in the next fiscal year, as for the latest information, the details, please see event information.