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We held the fourth "Sanriku Geopark authorized guide" authorization course!

We hold the fourth "Sanriku Geopark authorized guide" authorization course

We held the fourth "Sanriku Geopark authorized guide" authorization course on both days on Monday on Sunday, January 22, 2017, 23rd.

We had you participate in various places more than 40 including which was interested in guide and Geopark aiming at authorization in southern venue (Ofunato Chamber of Commerce and Industry) on northern venue (Kuji-shi government office), 23rd on 22nd. By the next day when it snowed very much, holding on the day after next of step, participation of many various places, thank you while was bad.

This three courses.

In elective subject of geo-outline ⑥ (characteristic of stock raising of Sanriku), practitioner talked, and was lecture about programing in ①, and required subject.

State (northern venue) of venue

State (southern venue) of venue

Lecturer of geo-outline is Mitsuru Kato Yasushi of Director Miyako, Iwate agriculture improved spread center Iwaizumi spread subcenter that it has been done work as specialist in stock raising. Sanriku that there are many beef cattle and dairy product which the flat topography seen in Kitakami Mountains and coastal place is utilized as ranch and meadows, and become brand, and is produced. About history and development business of the stock raising, production of delicious livestock products, we had you talk. When it comes to food, brightness of eyes of participant was different, too.

Kato who comments on characteristic of stock raising

Practitioner whom we talk and invited in ① of practitioner is Miki Aramachi that it is active as Lake Toya Usu volcano Meister in Lake Toya Mount Usu Geopark that is UNESCO world Geopark. We had you talk with activity contents in Lake Toya and mental attitude on guiding, concrete experiences of Aramachi including guide technology. It was very plain story to arise sympathy from from participant. As Hokkaido including Miyako - Muroran ferry - route establishment becomes nearer opening, 2018 of the Hokkaido Shinkansen, we want to deepen cooperation.

Aramachi who introduces activity in Lake Toya Mount Usu Geopark

By required "programing," it is Toru Narigasawa of Sanriku railroad which was lecturer of the last "sightseeing outline" to receive authorization. Based on experience of tour conductor and itinerary manager, we had you talk about arts of program and making method of scenario. Based on this lecture, participant will program by oneself in future.

Narigasawa who comments on flow of programing


Holding this year became one time of remainder.

As for the next time, Friday, February 10, the southern part is holding on Saturday the northern part for 11 days.

As for the latest information, the details, please see event information.