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Activity Reports We held workshop made with fossil replica!

We hold workshop made with fossil replica

Patrol museum in Iwate of National Museum of Nature and Science was held in Kuji Amber Museum (Kuji-shi) until Sunday, February 26, 2017, but, as the interlocking movement plan, hosted "workshop made with fossil replica" on Friday, January 13.

Fossil of creature was found in Sanriku area in various times, but had you teach about production of fossil replica from the National Museum of Nature and Science staff to utilize much in scenes such as event and guide activity, education while keeping it in good condition.





In severe cold wave, the event plan person in charge or guides of Geopark affiliate gathered and learned significance of replica production, production method, utilization example.







In addition, Kuji Amber Museum hosted "event that workshop student attending a lecture participated in as leader made with replica" the next day on Saturday on 14th. Families more than 30 participated, and the making of replica of nail of ammonite and dinosaur was enjoyed.













This workshop becomes place of exchange with the museum person concerned and person concerned with guide, sightseeing, and future cooperation through the making of replica is expected. Many people experience the making of replica and want to increase opportunities when you can deepen interest on the earth of Sanriku.

All of National Museum of Nature and Science which had lecturer serve in various places which participated, thank you.