We experience Geopark from the sea!

We will see shoreline of Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi from Hachinohe-shi, Aomori with Sanriku Geopark.

The south side is complicated from just central Miyako-shi, Iwate and is doing burr. The ria shore which can be called pronoun of Sanriku spreads out.

One north side is relatively linear. Cliff with altitude difference nearly up to 200m spreads out.

Sanriku can enjoy scenery of the different shore in this way in the north and south.


We can enjoy those superb views even from the land, but, as for it, superb view different opens again when we watch on sightseeing ship and Japanese scaled sardine ship from the sea.


Therefore we introduce pleasure boat in area and experience-based program to have you enjoy Sanriku Geopark from the sea. As there is guide map, please download.

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In addition, we came to be able to see scenery from the sea in street view of google.

Goishi Coast (Ofunato-shi)          Funakoshi Peninsula size Kamasaki (Yamada-machi)

Meoto-iwa (Fudai-mura)           Giant (Noda-mura) of Misaki Peninsula

Ushijima (Kuji-shi)


There is commentary of scenery showing in street view when we click icon of yacht in the map top below. Look at this in addition.

Recommendation! Cruising!

You can enjoy various CRYDD experiences in Sanriku Geopark!

※To CRYDD introductions various in image click

Hachinohe Port

①Hachinohe Port

Kabushima Island

②Kabushima Island

Tanesashi Coast

③Tanesashi Coast



Kitayama Cape

⑤Kitayama Cape

Moshi Coast

⑥Moshi Coast

Jodogahama Beach

⑦Jodogahama Beach

Blue cave

⑧Blue cave

Yamada Bay

⑨Yamada Bay

Both Shiwan

⑩Both Shiwan

Gulf of Yoshihama

⑪Gulf of Yoshihama

Small Ishihama

⑫Small Ishihama

Ofunato Bay

⑬Ofunato Bay



Gulf of Hirota

⑮Gulf of Hirota

Karakuwa Peninsula

⑯Karakuwa Peninsula

Tang mulberry bay

⑰Tang mulberry bay

Oshima, Kesennuma

⑱Oshima, Kesennuma



















※As you may not go on board by the situation of weather and wave, each group can travel on the use, or please refer.